Spirit Isle Tutorial for Bipeds

Welcome to the Spirit Isle

Spirit Isle is a tutorial area for any new biped races to the world of Istaria. The tutorial will teach the basics of Biped Adventurer schools and also the basics of the Biped Crafter schools. The tutorial takes the form of in game quests from a number of NPC’s (Non Player Characters) and via the blue tutorial window.

Spirit Isle has the following basic school trainers



For the purpose of this guide, we will walk through Warrior, Mage and Blacksmith.

Do not dismiss the blue tutorial window. It contains important information and will popup from time to time with new information. It is strongly advised that you read through all the content in the tutorial windows.

Recommended Interface Changes

The starting interface is not the best way of interacting with the world. The following are optional changes that will help you play the game.

Chat System

1. Change the chat window to 50% transparency


When the chat window is set to fully opaque (default setting), you do not see any flashing tabs which indicate new chat messages or game feedback.


Anywhere on the chat window, right click the mouse and choose ‘Properties’ from the context menu.

  The properties for the chat window will now popup (pictured left). Move the top slider for window transparency to the middle for 50% transparency.

Then click on the ‘Okay’ button.

The chat window will now appear transparent and you will be able to see the world that was previously hidden behind the chat window.

You can set almost any window in the interface to a different transparency if you wish to do so.

2. Join the global chat channels


Istaria is a very big game with an extremely large map across several different islands. Due to this there may be times when you appear to be the only person in an area. Just because there is no one in your local area does not mean that you are alone in the world.

By joining the global chat channels you are able to talk to others players who may be anywhere on the shard. This is useful if you want to chat, ask for help, as for support or trade.


There are 3 important global chat channels that exist on both live shards (chaos and order)
– Marketplace
– Dragon
– New Player

Please note that despite the channel names they can be used for other chat functions (IE you don’t just have to buy/sell items in Marketplace you can ask for help in there as well).

Click on the ‘Browse Player Chat Channels’ button

  A new window pops up (pictured left). This shows all the current public channels.

Find the channel marked ‘Marketplace’, left click once to highlight and then click on the ‘Join’ button

At different times of the day the populations of chat channels will go up or down depending on the number of players currently online and are a member of a channel.

The chat channels window will disappear and you will see that the chat window has changed.

There are now 2 tabs at the top of the chat window.

The first tab is the main tab. Here you will see any local messages and local chats.

The second tab is the ‘MarketPlace’ channel. One the right side you will see a list of players who are currently in this chat channel. If someone speaks in the channel then their message will be displayed in the main part of the chat window.

To switch between the two channels you can click on the relevant tab at the top to change channel focus.

Now repeat the above steps and this time choose ‘Dragon’ and then the ‘New Player’ channels.

In order to say something in the chat channels you use the blue bar at the bottom of the chat window and enter the text that you want to say and then press the enter key on the keyboard.

With the ‘New Player’ channel selected (as pictured above) type ‘Hello’ into the blue chat bar (you first have to left click the blue chat bar to get a flashing cursor), and then press enter.

You will see (as pictured above), the message that you just typed appears in the format [ChannelName: PlayerName] message. Other players in this channel can now see this message and reply to your message.

If you are not comfortable/confident in talking in the different channels, then you can join them but remain as an observer. You don’t have to say something every time someone else says something.

Also please remember that these are public channels. Therefore anything said is broadcast to the whole shard.



1. Turn on coordinates


Coordinates show you current location in the world. Often when asking players for locations of objects you will be given a set of coordinates. By having your own coordinates on display you can then use this as a guide to help find locations of objects.


  Right click the compass window and choose ‘Show Position’ from the menu options.

You will see that you coordinates are now displayed underneath the compass in the format X, Y

The map screen also allows you to work with coordinates


1. Turn off the loading screen


Whenever you recall to your bind point, or teleport elsewhere in the world then the loading screen displays while new terrain data is being downloading.

If you are traveling to an area you have not been to before or a heavily populated area, then it can take several minutes to the load the area.

By turning the loading screen off you are still able to use the chat channels and also move before everything has loaded.


Using the chat system type in the following ‘/setpref useloadingscreen false’ and press the enter key.

It does not matter which chat channel you are in at the time as the ‘/’ character indicates that you are entering a game command.

Once the command has been entered you will see a feedback message on the ‘Main’ chat channel.

2. Turn off Free Movement


When free movement is activated it means you have to physically move your character to within range of a monster to be able to attack.

With free movement deactivated when you attack a monster your character will automatically run into range of the monster.

This is more helpful for melee combat rather than magical combat.


Go to the blue orb menu (bottom left corner), left click to bring up the menu and choose ‘Options’.

  The options window will now be displayed (pictured left).

There are 5 tabs along the top for all the different game options.

Click on the tab called ‘Options’

On the options screen there a number of different values that can be changed.

Find the one called ‘Free Movement’ and take the tick out of the box next to it.

Then click on ‘OK’ at the bottom of the window.

3. Switch to windowed mode


While running in full screen mode it is very easy to hit the Windows key (or similar buttons) which will interrupt the game and possibly cause it to crash. Additionally if you run any software that causes popup’s (such as Messenger) then these can also interfere with the game.

An advantage of running in windowed mode is you can minimize the game and do other things (such as browse the internet) without interrupting the game.


Go back into the options window. (Blue Orb and then choose ‘Options’).

This time click on the ‘Video’ tab at the top of the options screen.

Near the top of the window there is a tick box for ‘Full Screen Mode’.

Take the tick out of the box and click the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the window.

Your screen will now flicker and switch to running inside an OS window.



Movement is controlled via a combination of keys and using the mouse.

All keys and mouse functions can be changed via the Blue Orb Menu and choosing Options

Left Mouse Button Select / Switch Focus
Right Mouse Button Context Menu
Middle Mouse Button Mouse Look
Alt Key
Turn Left
Turn Right
Auto Forward
Stop Action
Select Nearest Enemy


Different windows can be opened or closed by using keys or the Blue Orb Menu

Inventory Window
Equipment Window
Character Window
Group Window
Ctrl + G
Guild Window
Player List Window
Vault Window
Map Window
Knowledge Window
Spell Book
Formula Book
Quest Window
Ctrl + Q
Notepad Window
Ctrl + N

Getting Started

When you first appear in the Spirit Isle you will see that you are just outside a temple. In front of you are 3 other characters who are NPCs (Non-Player Characters). The one in the middle is called ‘Ryson Stormbringer’

  Go up to Ryson and select him using the left mouse button.

As you have selected another character, the option to greet the character has now been lit up on your actions window.

Click on the ‘Greet’ button (or press G).

A new dialog window will appear (pictured below).

This is what Ryson has replied to you now that you have greeted him.

Please note that some of the text in the Chat window is blue and underlined (like a hyper link).

If you click on one of blue links, then Ryson has more that he wants to say to you.

Clicking on links in a chat window with an NPC is how to gain and also progress some quests. Try clicking the different blue links (chat links) and see what Ryson has to say.

Once you have finished with Ryson and listened to the information he gives we need to look at the two other NPC’s to the left and right of Ryson.

The one on the left is
Cellardus the Adventurer. He introduces new players to the basic adventure schools.

The one on the right is Gravus the Crafter. He introduces new players to the basic crafting schools.

Lets start by looking at adventure

Select Cellardus and Greet him

This time you will get a chat window with Cellardus.

Click on the chat link ‘schools’ to progress the dialog.

Cellardus now offers us 5 different choices. ‘Warrior’, ‘Scout’, ‘Cleric’, ‘Mage’ all offer information about these basic schools and also an opportunity to join then. ‘Prestige’ gives details of how prestige schools work.

Click through the different chat links to read the information regarding the different adventure schools.


If you click on ‘let me know’ on subsequent chat dialogues, it will join you to the adventure school that you are reading about at the time.

You may need to make your chat window bigger to see all the dialog from Cellardus, he has a lot to say and some of the text might be hidden if the chat window is too small.

Warrior Adventure School

On Cellardus’s chat window, click on ‘Warrior’ and then on ‘let me know’.

According to Cellardus’s chat dialog he has joined you to the Warrior Adventure school.

If you look at your Player Status window you can see that you are now a level 1 Warrior (WAR).

You have also received some feedback messages in your Main chat (Chat window and ‘main’ tab)

This shows by joining the Warrior school you have been given 3 abilities and 3 items to use.

You have also been given a quest to complete.

Before you go and complete the quest you need to add these new abilities to your hotkeys, and also equip the items so that they are ready to be used in combat.

Lets start with the abilities

Press ‘C’ to bring up your character screen

  Click on ‘Abilities’ tab at the top of the character screen.

Make sure that the Adventure radio button has a dot in it.

This shows all abilities that your character currently knows and can use.

Abilities marked as passive are always in use.

Abilities marked as active are ones that need to be activated to be used. This is normally during combat via a hotkey.

Your active racial abilities and Sprint I all need to be added to a hotkey so that we can use them.

Depending on which race you have chosen you will have different racial abilities (active and passive). In the example to the left this is for a Gnome.

Left click and hold the mouse button down on the Sprint I icon.

Drag the mouse across to the hotkey bar and let go of the mouse button over an empty hotkey.

You will see that when you drag and drop the mouse cursor changes to the ability icon that has been clicked on and when you let go the ability icon has been copied to the hotkey.

This means that the ability is ready to use on that hotkey.

Repeat this process for your racial abilities making sure that you drag and drop them onto different hotkeys. This is shown in the picture to the right.

Close the character window once you have done this.


Now we need to equip the items we have been given by Cellardus.

Open your inventory window (by pressing I)

  In your inventory you can see that there are 3 items in there

This is a sword, chest guard and a shield.

Move the mouse over the shield and right click to get the context menu. Select ‘Equip’ from the available options.

The shield will then disappear from your inventory as it has been equipped.

Repeat for the sword and chest guard.

Open your equipment screen (press E) and you can see that the 3 items are now equipped on your character.

Only one item can be equipped into one equipment slot at a time.

If you try to equip and item into a slot that is already filled then the currently equipped item will be swapped for the one you are attempting to equip.

Additionally there is no penalty for equipping heavy items as opposed to lighter ones.

Before you close your equipment screen, move the mouse over the shield for a few seconds. A tool tip will be displayed with a description of what the item is.

Any item in the game whether it is in the spell book, abilities, formula book, techniques, inventory, equipment, trade screen or vault can have it’s description shown.

The alternative way to see descriptions is by right clicking an item and choosing ‘Show Details’.

You can see from the shields description that adds +3 armor and allows shield blocking to be used in combat.

The majority of usable or equipable items in game will have a school level requirement and/or a skill requirement in order to use them.

Also note that there are school restrictions. Only certain schools are able to use certain items of equipment. For example a mage cannot use Platemail armor.

Now we are ready to go and complete the quest that Cellardus has given us.

Open your quest book (Press Ctrl+Q together)

In the quest window you can see that there is one active quest and there is currently 1 step to it. An arrow is pointing to the step, ‘Slay 3 Grulets ’, with a counter of 0/3.

Now we need to find the Grulets and kill three to update the counter.

Follow the road behind Cellardus. After a while you will come across some ‘Spirit Isle Grulets.


Using the Select Nearest Enemy key (F10) will make it easier to locate a monster as they may be hiding behind trees and other objects.

Once you have found a Grulet then left click it once to select it.

  When you select an object in game notice that the target window updates.

In this case it shows us the name of the monster and its rating, health and race.


At low level it is best to try and kill monsters that are either the same level or lower level than yourself as you have a better chance of surviving.

Now we are ready to attack the grulet.

There are 3 ways to start an attack.
– Click on the attack button on the actions window
– Use an damaging ability (melee or magical)
– Cast an offensive spell

With the grulet still selected, click on the attack button on the actions window.

Watch as your character runs towards the grulet and then starts to attack.

If the attack hits then the grulet’s health goes down by a certain amount.

You can try using your racial abilities via the hotkeys to see how they help.

Once you use an ability or cast a spell it will go gray for a certain amount of time before becoming available again. The time it takes is called its recycle time (or cool down).

If you die
Don’t worry if the grulet kills you.

You don’t get penalized for dying until you are level 10 or higher in adventure school.

You need to click on the ‘Recall’ button on the actions window which will respawn you at the Spirit Isle shrine.

Then run back to the grulets and try again.

Once the grulet has been killed, right click its corpse and choose ‘Loot Corpse’ from the context menu.

  A loot window will popup (pictured left).

This shows what loot the monster may have dropped.

Sometimes it may be an empty window (no loot) or they may be items in there that you can pickup by clicking the ‘Take all’ button.

Once you have finished with the loot window click the ‘Close’ button to remove it.

Monster corpses remain in the world for a short amount of time. It is best to try and loot them as soon as possible or they may despawn on you.

Now look at your main chat tab on the chat window

This shows that you have gained some XP (experience) for killing the monster and also some copper coins when you looted the monster (not all monsters will drop coin).

Now kill another 2 grulets. Remember to take time to heal up between each fight.

Sitting down between fights will restore Health points at a quicker rate. However when you sit down your Armor is relegated to zero. Therefore if something attacks you while you are sitting you will take more damage.

Once you have killed the 3 grulets you will receive a quest update in your main chat tab asking for you to return to Cellardus.

If you open you quest window (Ctrl + Q) you will see that the quest step has updated and the counter has updated to 3/3

Head back to Cellardus (coords 16087 / 1516)

Greet Cellardus again to update the quest from him.

Before we proceed with the next quest from Cellardus, we need to have a look at what happens when you gain a level.

Each time you gain a level in adventure or craft you may gain new abilities.

For a level 2 Warrior you have gained ‘Power Strike I’.

Open your character window (Press C) and go to the abilities tab and make sure you have adventure selected.

  You can see that ‘Power Strike I’ is showing in the list of abilities and also that it is an active ability.

Drag and drop this new ability onto an empty hotkey so it can be used during combat.

Before you close your character screen, right click the icon for ‘Power Strike I’ and choose ‘Show Details’.

The description of the ability appears.

The important thing to make note of here is that Power Strike I cannot be mastered.

What this means is that the ability is only available in the school(s) that would normally receive it and it doesn’t transfer across to any other schools when you multi class adventure.

Abilities that do master are available in other adventure schools once twice the adventure level has been gained. IE If the ability is granted at level 10, then it masters at level 20.

There are some abilities that are instantly mastered. These abilities are automatically available in every adventure school once achieved.

On the character window, click on the general tab.

  A couple of things to note here.

Your adventure rating has updated to 2 as you have gained an adventure level.

Your statistics have also updated as you have gained a level. (If you were to look at your skills tab you would notice the same for skills)

Also where it says training points you now have 24 training points (12 per level gained).

Training points are only gained for the first adventure school to reach level 100. This means the maximum training points available once level 100 has been reached is 1200.

Click on the ‘24’ to open up the training points window.

The training points window shows a list of statistics or skills that your character currently knows and that you can add training points to.

As we have not yet added any training points to anything it is set to zero for points spent.

Each different statistic/skill has an associated cost in order to add to it.

For example it costs 4 training points to add to dexterity, which will add 4 to the current dexterity figure and 1 to the current base dexterity figure.

As we are a Warrior and also low level I would suggest spending half your training points on Strength and half on weapon skill (One Hand Slash) at this stage (for melee damage).

Training points can always be changed later on when you have generated sufficient ‘Buyback points’ to reclaim training points and to respend them.

Buyback points regenerate over time and cap at 300.

For a single statistic/skill you can spend a maximum of 600 training points.

Experiment now with spending your training points and when you are happy click on the ‘OK’ button to continue.

The statistics/skills that you have changed will now also be updated on the character screen.

It is recommended that you spend your training points as soon as you receive them.
Now lets move back to the next quest that Cellardus had for us.

If you have closed the chat window with Cellardus then greet him again and it will popup again

Click on ‘training’ to continue.


Click on ‘next challenge’

This time Cellardus has asked us to kill 4 spider hatchlings and also use the power strike ability 3 times in combat.

Press Ctrl + Q to bring up the quest window

This time you can see that there are 3 steps to the quest.

The first step has been completed and has a tick.

The second and third steps both have an arrow to the left of them which indicates they are both active steps.

Therefore we can update both counters at the same time.

The previous quest will be viewable under the ‘Completed Quests’ tab on the quest window.

So lets find the spider hatchlings.

Follow the road behind Cellardus to the East. Just next to the grulets the road forks. Take the left hand fork and continue. After a while you will see a building in the distance and some flax plants. The spiders can be found here.

In the rest of the world, spiders are normally social monsters and will automatically attack a player in groups

  Now using the same method we used for the previous quest, select and attack 4 hatchling spiders.


Don’t forget to use your combat abilities (including power strike 3 times)

Don’t forget to loot the dead monsters

Don’t forget to wait between attacking the monsters for your health to recover (sitting increases recovery rate).

Once you have killed 4 hatchlings (and used power strike 3 times) then return to Cellardus and greet him again.

It might be quicker to use the ‘Recall’ button on the actions window to return to your bind point than running all the way back up the road.

You should now have reached Level 3 in the Warrior school.

Don’t forget to spend your training points (Character Window).

You have also received a new ability called “Rend Armor I”. Make sure you add this to your hotkeys.

When you are ready, click on ‘another challenge’ on the chat window with Cellardus to continue.

Greet Cellardus again.

Most NPC’s will have a list of links at the bottom of their dialog (as pictured above) if they have a quest offer.

Click on ‘Cellardus Quest: Warrior Part III’ to continue.

This time we have to kill 5 Tiny Grass Beetles and use the Rend Armor ability 4 times and also use Power Strike 2 times.

If you look in your quest window (Ctrl + Q) you will see that there are 3 current steps and 3 different counters.

Lets head towards the Tiny Grass Beetles. Take the road past Cellardus and take same route back to where the spiders were. This time keep going and follow the twists and turns in the road. After a while you will see the grass beetles on your right hand side.

  Attack 5 beetles and use Rend Armor at least 4 times and Power Strike at least 2 times.

Don’t forget to loot and spend time healing.

Some abilities are linked to each other.

If you use Power Strike ability then you will notice that Rend Armor becomes unavailable for a short amount of time. And vice versa if you use Rend Armor then Power Strike becomes temporary unavailable.

Over time you will learn which abilities are best use in different situations.

Once you have completed the quest, click on the ‘Recall’ button to return to your bind point.

Greet Cellardus again to progress the quest.

Click on ‘other trainers’ to complete the quest.

You should have now achieved level 4 as a Warrior. Please note your rating is also 4 (we need this in a moment).

Make sure you spend your training points and add any new abilities to your hotkeys.

Congratulations you have finished the Warrior Tutorial (and Melee Combat)

Mage Adventure School

Now we are going to look at the Mage school and magical combat.

Greet Cellardus again.

This time click on ‘school’.

Then click on ‘Mage’.

Cellardus has a lot to say about Mages, you may have to make your chat window bigger to see all of it.

Click on ‘entirely’ once you are ready.

Finally click on ‘Mage School’ to switch your current school to Mage.

You may have noticed a few things happened.

Whenever you switch between a school, any equipment that is not usable by the new school is automatically unequipped and put into your inventory. In this case a mage cannot use metal armor or metal weapons so they have unequipped.

On your hotkey bar, some of the abilities have become unavailable (grayed out). This is because they are not available in the school you have switched into. When you switched into Mage you have however received some new abilities

Press C to open your character window and click on the abilities tab.

  You can see that some of the Warrior abilities have disappeared. These are the ones that have not yet been mastered or cannot be mastered.

Some Warrior abilities have remained. In this case they are instantly mastered abilities.

The new Mage abilities are now shown and can be dragged and dropped onto a new hotkey.

If we were to switch back into Warrior school then all the missing Warrior abilities would return, and the non-masterable Mage abilities would disappear.

To replace a used hotkey with another ability you can just drag and drop on top of the hotkey and it will be replaced.

Now click on the skills tab on the character screen

  By joining Mage, we have learnt some new skills. In this case they are some of the magical skills.

Also please note that the skills we have previously learnt and gained from Warrior have not been lost.

The school column will always show the name of the school that provides the highest increase to that skill.

Schools may share the same skills with certain schools giving higher rises per level than others (prestige schools typically).

Now click on the general tab on your character window

  Your adventure rating has changed from 4 to 2.

This is because we have started to multi class.

Your adventure rating determines what level monster you need to kill in order to get optimal XP.

The more schools that you multi class and the higher you take them, then the higher the rating will become.

You can now close your character screen.

Now lets look at the items you have been given for joining Mage. Press I to open you inventory window.

In your inventory you now have a number of items.

Find the staff and the cloth tunic that Cellardus has given us and right click and choose equip on them.

You can hold down the Ctrl key and multiple select items in your inventory at the same time.

We have also been given a spell by Cellardus.

Move the mouse over the spell icon and right click to get the menu. Select ‘Scribe’ from the available options.

Once confirmed, the spell will then disappear from your inventory and you will receive a feedback message indicating it has been scribed (consumed in the process of scribing).

Close your inventory and then open your spell book (by pressing B).

In order to be able to use/cast a spell, you have to first scribe the spell into your spell book. The spell book works similar to the abilities screen, where you can drag and drop spells onto your hotkeys.

In this case drag and drop the Training Flame Bolt spell onto a spare hotkey.

Please note that spells are similar to equipment in that they have a skill requirement and a school requirement. A spell that is usable in one school may not be usable in another.

If you right click the spell and choose show details you will be able to see what the spell does. In this case it is a ranged damage bolt that auto repeats.

Now we have our equipment for mage equipped, new abilities and spells on the hotkey bar ready to be used.

Lets look at the quest that Cellardus has given us. Press Ctrl+Q to open your quest window

Greet Cellardus again to progress the quest.

Use your Safety ability now. Once used you can see that it’s icon is now visible on your effects window. This is because the Safety ability is a defensive buff and adds to a characters armor for 2 hours (you can see this via show details on the character screen).

If you move your mouse cursor over the effects window, a tool tip will show up showing how much time is left before the effect runs out.

Not every ability or spell is offensive. Some may be defensive, healing, provide short term benefits (buffs), inflict short term negatives on a monster (debuffs), plus many other types
If you check your quest window again (Ctrl + Q), you can see that the current step is to now slay 3 grulets.

Head back down the path behind Cellardus until you reach the grulets.

Try to stand about 20m away from the grulet and target one.

In order to start an attack using magic, you must cast an offensive spell at the target. If you were to press the ‘Attack’ button on the actions window you would start a melee attack.

Click on the hotkey that has the flame bolt spell attached to it.

Your spell casting bar will appear and the flame bolt will be fired at the grulet. This spell auto repeats and you will automatically start casting the next bolt spell.

If you try and move while casting a spell, the casting will break until you stop moving (some spells are castable while moving, but generally not offensive spells).

If you try to cast a spell and the target is out of the spells range, then you will receive a feedback message until you are in range.

Loot the grulet and attack a further 2 grulets to progress the quest.

Head back up the road to Cellardus and greet him again to progress the quest.

You have gained a level as a Mage.

Make sure you add the new ability ‘Enhanced Flame Bolt I’ to your hotkeys (Character screen then abilities tab)

You didn’t receive any more training points as you have already reached level 2 adventure in a different school.

Click on the ‘training’ chat link.

Click on the ‘using it’ chat link.

Cellardus has given us a new quest to complete now.

We have to kill 4 Spider hatchlings and use the Enhanced Flame Bolt ability once.

If you look on your quest window you can see a description of the quest (Ctrl + Q).

Head back down the road, taking a left when it forks. The spider hatchlings can be found on the right hand side.

Kill 4 Spiders using a combination of your flame bolt spell and your abilities.

Once done you can run back to Cellardus (or use recall).

The Enhanced Flame Bolt ability is instantly used, however it has a longer recycle (cool down) than your flame bolt spell. Additionally it does not automatically repeat. You have to click the hotkey again once it has recycled.

You should now have gained level 3 as a Mage.

Don’t forget to add your new ability to a spare hotkey.

Click on the ‘another challenge’
chat link in Cellardus’s chat window.

Now greet Cellardus again.

Click on ‘Cellardus Quest: Mage Part III’ chat link to gain the next quest.

Open you Quest window (Ctrl + Q) to see exactly what this quest requires.

This time we need to kill 5 Tiny Grass Beetles, use Burn Armor 5 times and use Enhanced Flame Bolt 2 times.

Head back towards the Tiny Grass Beetles (past the spiders along the road).

If you use Burn Armor before using your bolts, you will see that you do more flame damage to the beetles. This is because burn armor is a debuff and lowers a targets resistance to flame attacks.

Once you have completed the quest, use recall and greet Cellardus again.

You should now have reached level 4 Mage and received the ability of Engulf I.

Congratulations you have completed the Mage tutorial (and magical combat)

There are 2 other basic adventure schools that Cellardus offers training in.

These are Scout and Cleric.

If you wish you can spend time now and work through the tutorials for these schools.

However the basics of the interface are the same as what has already been covered.

Blacksmith Craft School

Now lets look at crafting as a biped.

This time the NPC we need to greet is Gravus, The Crafter, who is next to Cellardus.

Greet Gravus

Click on the ‘schools’ chat link

For the purposes of this walk through, we are going to focus on blacksmith.

Click on the ‘Blacksmith’ chat link to continue and then click on ‘to join’.

Now that we have joined the Blacksmith school you can see on the Status window (above) that the 3rd bar now shows ‘BLK’ for Blacksmith and that you are level 1.

As with adventure you can only have one craft school active at one time, but there is no restriction on the number of craft schools you can join.

By joining Blacksmith you have gained some new passive abilities that allow you to gather the tier 1 stone, metal and wood resources.

Additionally you have been given a craft quest by Gravus and some training tools to use and a formula.

Press C to bring up your character screen. Click on the skills tab and then click on the craft radio button.

All the craft skills that you have gained by joining Blacksmith are shown on this tab.

Some of these skills are resource gathering skills (such as Quarrying). Some are used during item creation (such as Stoneworking).

Blacksmith is a basic craft school and as such gives ‘all-rounder’ skill rises to stone, metal and wood products.

Blacksmith, Outfitter and Scholar can all be used to gain sufficient craft skills to join the Prestige schools, where you can specialize in a particular craft.

Now lets look at the quest Gravus has given us to do. Press Ctrl+Q to open your quest window.

So we need to find the copper and tin ore.

Turn around a follow the road behind the shrine to the south-west. It will twist and turn down the mountainside until you reach a sign pointing towards the mine.

Enter the mine and continue inwards.

Take a left and follow the road the sign indicated.

After a while you will pass a stone workshop on your left. Keep going along the path.

Next on your left should be the mine entrance.

Deep in the mine you should come across some ore resources on the ground. Left click one of them to select the resource.

Before we can gather a resource we need to equip the correct tool needed.

Open your inventory (Press I)

You can see that Gravus earlier gave us 2 tools to use (Mining Pick and Smelting Tongs). In this case to gather an ore we need to equip the mining pick.

Right click the mining pick and choose ‘Equip Refurbished Bronze Mining Pick’

You can only hold one item in your right hand at a time. So if you are holding a tool and then a monster attacks you, then you would need to switch to a melee weapon to damage the monster back. You do not need to unequip a tool in order to use a spell.

The majority of tools have skill caps. Once you hit the limit on a tool you need to upgrade the tool to a better version otherwise it will impact your efficiency and XP gain.

Now move next to the resource you want to gather.

Now click the gather button on the actions window (or press Backspace).

You will start gathering the resource and see updates in your main chat tab.

If you have used the wrong tool ability you will receive a feedback message advising which craft ability you should be using.

Open you inventory window (press I) and you can see the resource you are gathering going into your inventory.

When the resource node runs out (or your inventory is full) you cannot gather anymore.

Move to the next resource node and start gathering again.

Stop when you have at least 55 copper and tin ore in your inventory.

As you gain crafter levels you will increase in skill and gather more per strike of a resource. There are other items in game that can provide temporary increases to a craft skill (such as potions).

If you look at your quest window (ctrl + Q) you can see that a new step has been added.

If a quest has a counter on it this means that you need to physically create, gather or loot the required item. You cannot complete the step by receiving the item via a trade.

Now lets find the Ore Refinery.

Turn around and leave the mine. To your left you should be able to see the chimney of the Ore Refinery. Head along the path until you reach the refinery.

Now lets look at the formula that we were given earlier by Gravus.

Press I to open your inventory.

Formulas are used in order to make items within the game.

This formula is for Beginner Metal Bar and has 3 products

Right click the formula in your inventory and choose ‘Scribe Beginner Metal Bar’

You will be prompted with a confirmation window, click on ‘Scribe’ to continue

When a formula is scribed it is consumed and added to your formula book.

Now we have the formula scribed and the copper and tine ore in our inventory, next we need to find the machine needed to make the bronze bars Gravus requires.

There are 2 machines at this ore refinery.

Left click each machine until you select the one that is called ‘Smelter’. This is the machine needed to smelt ore into bars.

Move next to the smelter.

Now we need to open the formula that we scribed for making bronze bars.

Click on the ‘Create Item’ button on the actions window.

This opens up your formula book showing products/items that can be made.

Double left click ‘Bronze Bar’

This brings up the item creation window for a ‘Bronze Bar’.

Notice that the Tool panel is in red as we do not currently have the correct tool equipped to make bronze bars.

Click on button on the right edge of the tool panel. This auto selects the correct tool needed to create the item. In this case switches your tool to the ‘Refurbished Bronze Smelting Tongs’.

There is a lot of other information on this window, but the main one to focus on for now is the batch slider.

If something is wrong on the item creation screen then it will appear in a red color.

This can include the wrong tool, missing machine, insufficient or missing resources and insufficient skill to make an item.

Check the quest window (Ctrl+Q) to see how many bronze bars need to be made.

Move the batch slider to the right until it is set to 11 batches.

Please note that the amount of resources needed goes up as you change the number of batches.

To make 11 batches (11 bronze bars) it requires 55 copper and tin ore.

Now click on the ‘Create’ button to make the 11 bronze bars.

  Notice that you have gained some craft XP (experience) for making the 11 bronze bars.

The 11 bronze bars have been put into your inventory and the resources used to make the bars have been subtracted (55 copper and tin ore).

Now return to Gravus by using recall from the actions window (easier to use recall than run all the way back up the mountain).

You have now gained a level as a Blacksmith. Please note that your craft skills will have increased (can check on character window) but you do not receive any training points for leveling a craft school.

Click on ‘training’ to progress the chat window with Gravus.

This time Gravus has given you a new formula and a new tool to use.

Gravus has also given us a quest to create a Bronze Mining Pick.

Head back to the Ore Refinery we visited earlier.

This time we will need to use the Anvil machine.

Move next to the anvil.

Open your inventory (Press I) and right click the new formula and choose the scribe option.

This time click on the Create Item button and choose ‘Bronze Mining Pick’ from the list of products.

Once the item creation screen has appeared, click on the tool selector button to switch to the correct tool (Refurbished Bronze Smithing Hammer).

This time please note that to make a Bronze Mining Pick you need to use the bronze bars that we earlier made. With our current skill level it takes all 11 bronze bars to make a single mining pick.

Click on the Create button to manufacture a Bronze Mining Pick.

Before we return to Gravus lets compare the Refurbished Bronze Mining Pick against the Bronze Mining Pick we have just made.

As you can see above, both mining picks are usable from level 1, however the Bronze Mining Pick is the better tool as it has a higher skill cap than the refurbished.

Now lets return to Gravus and turn in this quest (use recall again).

Sometimes quests will reward you with specific items as well as XP. In this case Gravus has given you a formula for a short sword which you can scribe and then use to create a better melee weapon at a later date.

Click on ‘another challenge’ to continue.

Greet Gravus again.

Click on ‘Gravus Quest: Blacksmith Part III’ to gain the next quest.

This time we have a new quest, 2 new formulas and 3 new tools.

Find the 2 formulas in your inventory (Press I) and right click and scribe both of them.

The tools we have been given are some of the tools required to work with wood resources.

Open your quest window (Ctrl + Q).

So this time we need to make a Cedar Shortbow.

So what do we need to make the shortbow?

Open your Create Item window and find the Cedar Shortbow product.

Double left click the Cedar Shortbow to bring up its creation details.

Even though we are not near a machine or have collected any resources yet, we can see what is needed to create the shortbow.

In this case it says that we need 13 Cedar Boards (to make one batch), a woodworking bench machine and a board plane tool.

Now close the Cedar Shortbow window and find the Cedar Board product and bring up its details.

To make a single Cedar Board (1 batch) we need 5 Cedar Logs, a wood saw tool and a Table Saw Station machine.

Therefore as we need 13 Cedar boards to make 1 Cedar Shortbow we will need 5*13 Cedar Logs (5*13 = 65).

Lets go and gather the cedar logs.

Head back to where the sign pointing towards the Ore mine was. This time go right until you reach a stone bridge.

Turn right again and cross the bridge. In the distance you will be able to see a teleport gate (remember this for later).

About halfway towards the portal turn right (north) and head off the road. You should see a building in the distance.

Before you reach the building you will come across some trees.

These are the Cedar trees that we can gather logs from.

Not every tree can be gathered from. Only trees that are selectable are classed as resources.

Open you inventory and right click and equip the Refurbished Tree Axe. This is the tool required to gather logs.

As with gathering ore, move next to the resource, select it and click on the gather button.

Keep moving and gathering from trees until you have gathered 65 logs.

Once you have enough logs, head to the building in the distance. This is the Woodworking shop that has the machines needed to process wood resources.

Move next to the Table Saw Station machine.

Open the Create Item screen from the actions window.

Find the Cedar Board product and double left click it to open.

On the Item Creation screen that appears, click on the tool selector button to auto switch to the Refurbished Wood Saw tool.

Slide the batch slider until it reaches 13 batches (for 13 Cedar Boards).

Now we can click on the Create button to make the cedar boards.

Now move near the other machine (Woodworking Bench)

Click on the Create Item button again.

This time find the product of Cedar Shortbow and open it’s Item Creation screen.

Switch to your correct tool and click on Create.

We have now created the item that Gravus required. Use recall to return to your bind point (next to Gravus).

Congratulations you now know how to complete basic crafting as a Biped

There are 2 other basic craft schools that Cellardus offers training in.

These are Outfitter and Scholar.

If you wish you can spend time now and work through the tutorials for these schools.

However the basics of the interface are the same as what has already been covered.

Now you can either continue to explore the Spirit Isle a bit more, or head back down to where the stone bridge is and continue on to the teleport gate off the island.

When you get close enough to the teleport gate you will see a destinations window popup. This gate only has one destination, but other gates in the world may have many destinations on them.

Some teleport destinations may not be available straightaway. You may need to attune to a destination by greeting a specific NPC at the destination or by completing a quest.

Also some teleport destinations may have a coin cost to travel to them.

  Select ‘New Trismus Training’ and then click on the ‘Teleport’ button

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