Istaria has a plethora of magical combat schools. Some are a combination of magic and melee (see Combo), others such as the ones below are the ‘pure’ magical schools


A bloodmage is an extension of the Spiritist school. They rely heavily on spirit based magic and trade their life blood for some powerful magical abilities


An specialism from a mage, a conjurer focuses on the ice and summoning line of spells. They have the ability to conjure up magical objects to help them during combat.


A druid relies on the world around them and uses nature magic. They focus on using natural forces such as lightning to fuel their attacks.


Healer’s trade off their offensive abilities and rely more on supporting other players (group members). They are dedicated on healing and enhancing other players using Life magic. Healer is not an easy school to level, however the abilities/spells available at high level make healers very powerful (and hard to kill).


The all rounder for magic, a mage introduces a player to five lines of magic (flame, ice, energy, mind and summoning). Skilled at magic they are also capable of dodging incoming magical attacks from attackers. Mage is normally the choice of a player that wants to specialise down the line into one of the more intense magical schools. Mages themselves concentrate on flame and ice based magic.


A shaman relies on nature and blight magic’s. They focus on using blight and nature to weaken their opponents (de-buff)


Focusing on using mind based magic, a sorcerer is an off shoot from mage. Their attacks are based on binding their opponents and using their skills while the opponent cannot move or react.


Using the spirit line of spells. A spiritist is very powerful as they (through their spells) can bypass normal armor and inflict damage using ethereal damage based spells. They also gain abilities that suck the very life out of an opponent and bestow this life force onto the player.


A specialism from a mage, a wizard focuses on the arcane magic of energy. Able to stun using their attacks, they can inflict large amounts of energy based damage.

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