Performance Issues

This is a checklist of things to investigate if you are having any problems with Istaria Chronicles of the Gifted MMO.

Please note that they are in no particular order

This is not an exhaustive list, if you have tried everything suggested and still can’t login then you need to make a support ticket.

Creating a Support Ticket

Link to Support website

To login into the support site you use the same username and password as you would to log into the game.

It is best to provide as much information as possible when you make your support ticket this includes;

  • Steps you have taken and solutions already tried
  • Your account name and/or character name
  • Your PC’s specifications (you can get this from the dxdiag.exe tool)
  • Any error message encountered

The more information that you provide to support, the quicker it will make it to diagnose your problem and hopefully resolve it.

Performance Issues

Have you defragmented your hard disc recently ?

Istaria is a very hard drive intensive game. If your hard drive is very fragmented then this may cause the game to slow down. Defragmenting using the Windows Defragmentation tool should help speed up loading times.

In an ideal situation it is better to install and run Istaria on a separate hard drive
(or a SSD drive) for faster loading.

Have you manually set your virtual memory ?

Istaria is also RAM intensive as the client runs mainly by using the CPU and RAM as opposed to using VRAM (on graphics cards).

The more RAM you can install on your system the better (1GB-2GB makes a big difference).

Another part of this is to increase your VM (Virtual Memory). This is also known as the page file.

Windows when it loads programs will store part of the program into RAM and other parts into VM.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to prevent Windows from putting content into the VM, so it is best to set VM to a high enough size.

Setting your VM to 4096 MB (on a 32 bit system) is more than enough to help Istaria run properly.

Instructions for setting Virtual Memory

Windows XP

Windows Vista/Win7

Have you disabled terrain clutter ingame ?

Terrain clutter is a feature in game that is software rendered as opposed to hardware rendered.

Turning this feature off via Options and Video Options will provide a significant increase in frame rate.

Have you enabled the lagwindow ingame ?

The lagwindow is a hidden window within the game which monitors framerate (fps), loading times and dropped network messages.

To enable the window, type /window lagwindow into the chat bar and press enter.

  1. FPS – Frames per second. Anything above 24 is acceptable. If the FPS stays static then try /fps command to toggle it on and off.
  2. UnackMsg – Dropped messages between the client/server. 10+ indicates a communication problem.
  3. TexMem – Graphics Memory in use. This figure does not report correctly.
  4. Pos Update Time – This figure does not report correctly.
  5. TerrainReqQueue – If either of the 2 figures are above 0 then this means that terrain objects are still loading. While the figures are above 0 you may encounter lag issues.

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