Use the launcher to create a character

1. From the Windows start menu, find the Istaria folder and choose ‘Play Istaria’

2. The game launcher will now load up. From here you enter your Username and then your Password. Click on ‘Login’ to continue

If you are using a public computer it is not recommended that you save your password.

3. Next you need to read the EULA agreement and then click on the ‘Accept’ button

4. Click on the ‘Next’ button to continue

5. This screen presents you with 2 different options

– New character on Chaos (Regular)
– New character on Order (Role Play)

Chaos and Order are the name of the 2 live ‘shards’. They are basically 2 separate worlds and do not interlink with each other.

Chaos is a normal play environment and Order is a role play environment with specific rules regarding conduct.

Role play policy for Order shard

Choose which shard is the best choice for yourself to make a character on (left click to highlight in blue) and then click on the ‘Play’ button. (for the purposes of this example we will choose Chaos)

6. The launcher screen will now disappear and the patcher screen will appear. The patcher will connect to the patch server to check for any updates (this may take a few minutes).

7. After the patcher has ran the main game client will then be started. If this is the first time the game is being ran then the client will switch to full screen mode to start loading.

At this point you may receive a Windows Firewall and/or Anti Virus message as they will detect the client attempting to connect to the game server. You need to agree to allow the game client (Istaria.exe) to have access to the internet. If the client fails to connect to the game server at this point (due to the firewall) then redo the above steps and try again.

8. The game client will now start and the loading screen will be displayed. If this is the first time the game is being ran then it may take a few minutes to load the data necessary to display the create character screen. You should be able to see details at the bottom of the screen of what is being loaded.

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