Game Environment

This section is designed to introduce the world of Istaria and the various locations and creatures you will see.

The World of Istaria

The world of Istaria is known as ‘Aradoth’ and is made up of a main continent and several other continents and smaller Islands.



Areas are broken up into tiers and all are non-instanced.

A tier is a range of 20 levels. There are currently 6 tiers within game.

  1. Levels 1-19 are Tier 1
  2. Levels 20-39 are Tier 2
  3. Levels 40-59 are Tier 3
  4. Levels 60-79 are Tier 4
  5. Levels 80-99 are Tier 5
  6. Levels 100-120+ are Tier 6

Monsters and resources and quests within each tiered area match the levels of the tier.

There is no restriction to a player travelling anywhere on the main map by foot, however it is not recommended to travel to areas that contain higher level monsters as you may end up dying and having to recall.

As a player increases in level and visits newer areas, they will find that the difficulty level of the game changes. For example resource fields that may have been unguarded at lower levels are now guarded by a number of monsters.

Towns, Settlements and Guild Sites


Main towns are normally racial cities and act as hub areas for the following

  1. Community Consigners and Pawnbrokers
  2. Bind Points
  3. Quartermasters
  4. Teleporters to other locations
  5. Adventure and Craft Trainers
  6. Community Craft Machines
  7. Quests

You will often find players will cluster around the main towns (such as Bristugo and New Trismus).

Main Towns

New Trismus
Training Island for new players
Racial home for the Saris
Racial home for the Sslik
Main teleporter hub for the world
Racial home for the Humans
Racial home for the Helian Dragons
New Rachival
Racial home for the Gnomes
Racial home for the Half Giants
Racial home for the Elves and refugee camp for the Satyrs
Racial home for the Lunus Dragons
Racial home for the Fiends
Racial home for the Dwarves



Settlements are locations that have been zoned for plot and lair construction. The size of the plots and lairs varies depending on location.

There are a certain number of spaces that can be purchased with coin.

Once owned by a player they can build their own structures including houses, guild buildings, craft shops, storage silos and many other options.

Some settlements may have their own teleport arrival pad and/or a teleport gate out of the settlement.

Prices of plots and lairs are higher the closer they are to a teleport gate.

Additionally the first time a player visits a settlement they normally need to ‘attune’ to the location, which unlocks access to the settlement via teleport gates.

Guild Sites


Guild sites are special settlements where the ownership of a plot or lair is determined by which guild owns the controlling plot/lair (known as a master plot).

Only players that belong to the same guild as the master plot owner are able to buy plots or lairs.

Additionally the price of the guild plots/lairs (excluding the master plot) are significantly lower than normal plots.

Some guild sites may have their own teleport arrival pad and/or teleport gate out of the guild site.

The sale and purchasing of the larger guild sites is normally managed by the development team to ensure all guilds have an equal chance of purchasing a guild site.

Plots and Lairs



A plot is an area of land that a biped player can plan and construct different buildings and shops on.

There are currently over 200 different structures that can be planned on a plot.

Storage structures and vendors on a plot can be set as public, private, or as shared storage.

A plot is dynamic which means any changes made to a plot are reflected in real time to other players in game.

Additionally other players can contribute to the building of a plot either for free or for a coin payment.

There is no instancing with either plots or lairs.



A lair is an underground structure with a cave like entrance above ground that a dragon player can construct buildings and shops within.

There are currently over 150 different structures that can be planned with a lair.

Storage structures and vendors in a lair can be set as public, private or as shared storage.

A lair is also dynamic which means that any changes made to a lair are reflected in real time to other players in the game.

Additionally other players can contribute to the building of a lair for free or for a coin payment.

Certain structures for both plots and lairs are tiered to match a current players skills. This allows players as they level to be able to tear down buildings and replace them with better versions.














Ashlanders Tomb

The Ashlanders tomb is a Tier 2 dungeon that features as part of a quest line within the Dalimond Penisula.

Helians Tomb

The Helians tomb is a Tier 2 dungeon that features as part of a quest line within the Dalimond Penisula

Dralnoks Doom

Dralnoks Doom is a Tier 6 dungeon that features as part of the Delgarath quest line and the Myloc quest lines starting from Aughendell.

The Rift

The Rift is a special area for Dragons whom are completing their Ancient Right of Passage quest lines to achieve the Ancient Dragon form. The Rift contains Tier 6 monsters and a number of ‘boss’ monsters who have to be killed as part of the quest line.



There are many monsters that can be found in the lands of Istaria. Here is some examples of some that you may encounter.









Withered Aegis Constructs


Withered Aegis Animates


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