Creating an account and adding a subscription

The next step is to setup an account

1. Go to the following web site

Please note that this is a secure web site (https)

Click on ‘here’ where it prompts for new players

2. The next page that appears has lots of options and details to fill in.

2a. Firstly you need to choose a subscription type

Choose one of the following
– Free Access (no charge)
– Trial Access 14 Day Trial (no charge)
– Basic Access – 1 Month only (money cost)
– Basic Subscription – 1 Month reoccurring (money cost)
– Property Holder Access – 1 Month only (money cost)
– Property Holder Subscription – 1 Month reoccurring (money cost)

Free Access and Trial Access do not require you to make any payment. It is recommended that if you are not familiar with the game you make one of these types of accounts to start with so you can get a flavor of the game before spending money.

Free Access will limit you to having only one character (human). If you create a character other than a Human on a Free Access account then your account will automatically be changed into a Trial Access account. You cannot own any plots or lairs with this type of account.

Trial Access will allow you to play any race but you are limited to 14 days free play after which you would need to switch to a paying subscription to continue. You cannot own any plots or lairs with this type of account. You are also limited to 3 characters with this account.

Basic Access and Basic Subscription allow you to create up to 7 different characters but you cannot own a plot or a lair.

Property Holder Access and Property Holder Subscription allows you to create up to 7 different characters and own 1 plot or lair.

Each of the above account types will only allow one concurrent login (IE cannot login 2 characters from the same account with only one subscription).

2b. Next you need to choose one of the payment methods. If you have chosen Free Access or Trial Access you can leave this section blank.

– PayPal (Can Use Credit Cards)
– Wallie-Card Pre-Paid Card
– MoneyBookers (For International Customers)
– Istarian Gift Card
– Credit Card (VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC)

Note if you wish to pay via a Debit Card you can use either the Paypal or the Credit Card option.

2c . Next you need to fill in your personal details

– Name (First and Last Name)
– Email Address
– Login Name (User ID)
– Password
– Confirm Password
– Verification Text
– Secret Question
– Secret Answer
– Country
– State
– City
– Street
– Gift Card / Coupon (Can be left blank)

All the above fields need to be filled in in order to continue. If you enter information that doesn’t match the criteria or is blank then you will be prompted to go back and fix the information.

Your Login Name should be a minimum of 6 alphanumeric characters and must be lowercase.

Your Password should be a minimum of 6 alphanumeric characters (maximum 15 characters). It is recommended that you use a strong password.

An example of a strong password is UR6xCbP2kdRLrAd.

There are tools available on the Internet that can randomly generate strong passwords for yourself if necessary.
(Google ‘Strong Passwords’)

If you do not live in the USA then the State and ZIP fields still need to be filled in but with some dummy data to allow the form to continue.

Once you are happy with your selections then press the ‘continue’ button at the bottom of the page.

3. The next screen asks you to read the EULA agreement again and put a tick in the ‘I Agree’ tick box and then click on ‘Continue’ again.

4. Depending on your account type you will now be taken to the relevant payment system to purchase your account.

5. Once payment is setup, the account creation process is now complete.

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