Getting started in Istaria

If you are new to the world of Istaria, there are a few things that you need to accomplish in order to immerse yourself into the rich world of Istaria.

Basically you need to download the game and create a subscription.


Istaria offers a Free to Play (F2P) account type. This allows you to create a single human character only. If you choose the free to play subscription but create a character as a different race (such as a Dragon), then your sub automatically switches to a 14 day trial.

If you are not sure if Istaria is the right game for yourself, then create a human character on a F2P subscription and explore the game world and community before deciding whether to pay for a sub or not. There is no cost (except in time) if you go down this route.

Restrictions on a free to play account

With a F2P account you are restricted in the following ways

  • Can only play as a Human character
  • Can only sell 10 separate items on a consigner (vendor) at any one time
  • Cannot own any land such as a plot or lair.

These are the only restrictions, if you wanted to you could be a max level (multiple 100 adventure and craft schools) on a free to play account and be able to go everywhere in the world that paid characters can reach (with exception to Dragon only areas).


In order to play as a Dragon avatar you must choose either the 14 day trial subscription or pay for a sub.

If you choose to play as a Dragon character, please note that you cannot complete the adult quest (for flight; known as the rite of passage) on 14 day trial account.

A dragon character must be a minimum of 30 days old (in real life days) before you can start the quest line of becoming an adult flying dragon.

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