What does Istaria offer a gamer ?

  • Player vs Environment (PVE) world play
  • Cooperative game play, not competitive game play
  • Mature and experienced community
  • Extensive Adventuring System and Multiclassing
  • Extensive Crafting System and Multiclassing
  • Unique Dragon race
  • Continuous game world
  • Real time building construction
  • A Free-to-Play Account type

What Istaria does NOT offer

  • Player vs Player (PVP)
  • Raids
  • Instancing
  • State of the Art Graphics
  • Fast game play (and burnout)

Istaria Official Websites

Istaria Website

Istaria Community Website

What is Istaria Chronicles of the Gifted ?

Istaria is a PVE (Player versus Environment) MMO (Massively Multi player Online) computer game. It has a rich environment and adventure/crafting systems that allow unrestricted multiclassing. The game boasts an extremely large map when compared to other online games. Istaria (formerly Horizons) has now reached its 7th year of gaming and has a strong and unique community. The game is continuous play (no instancing) and is split into two main types of play (Biped and Dragon). Istaria is unique in that it offers Dragons as a playable race.

Bipeds have Human, Fiend, Elf, Sslik, Gnome, Dryad, Dwarf, Saris, Half Giant and Satyr races and have access to 28 adventure schools and 19 craft schools. The beauty of this game is that you are not restricted to one adventure school and one craft school as a biped. You can level as many (or few) of them as you wish and build a highly customized character.

Dragons are a different game in that they have one race but three main forms throughout the characters lifecycle. These are hatchie (hatchling), adult and ancient dragons. Each has a different model (ancient being the size of several houses). From adult onwards, Dragons gain the ability to fly. Dragons are heavily quest based with several long quests (Right of Passage) to achieve the next character form. There is one adventure school for Dragons and two craft schools.

Both types of play have their own form of housing (Plots and Lairs). Plots for bipeds are the equivalent of a rectangular area on which many different types of buildings can be placed. Lairs for Dragons are three dimensional structures which are built downwards from a lair entrance under the ground. Housing is real time updated so if a plot owner adds a new building to construct onto a plot, then any other player in the game can see the structure and contribute to its construction if they choose to.

The games current level cap is level 100 for each adventure or craft school. Monsters (mobs) go up to level 160 and there are a number of Epic Bosses that can be fought as a group to loot a variety of Epic based weapons, armors and spells.

The player community in Istaria is mainly composed of mature players (and in some cases their families). The community are very helpful to each other in either trading, assisting or offering information to other players. Many of the elder player base will sit in the main chat channels to offer support and advice to others. The community operates over a 24 hour period where different people may come and go depending on their time zone. The community tends to self regulate itself and as such if a troublemaker appears, they soon realize that their style of play is not welcome.

Even though Istaria is nearly 10 years old it has not yet reached its end cycle. The development team do work hard to make changes to the game and to keep it alive. New patches are applied on a roughly quarterly basis. Another strong feature of Istaria is that the development team pays close attention to the player base and will often ask for feedback or suggestions as to how to improve the game. Likewise the player base will provide bug reports and assist (on a voluntary basis) in testing new content.

System Requirements

850 MHz or faster Pentium 4/AMD Athlon processor
64 MB supported Direct 3D and Hardware T&L capable video card / Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (with 2GHz or higher system processor)
Latest Version of DirectX
Latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework
Windows XP/Windows Vista/ Windows 7

Core 2 Duo 2GHz or faster
2 GB or greater RAM
2 GB or greater Page file
256 MB or greater Direct 3D and Hardware T&L capable video card / Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (with 2GHz or higher system processor)
10 GB Hard Drive Space (install game on a separate drive or SSD Drive)

Istaria is hard drive and RAM intensive. With the way that the client currently works it is not optimized to use all the functionality of newer graphics cards and as such will revert to using RAM or Page File for software based rendering.

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